The Wolf Among Us Episode 2 Review

The Wolf Among Us Episode 2 Review

GAME: The Wolf Among Us Episode 2
Developer: Telltale Games
Release date: 7/2/14
Type/genre: Action Adventure

Spoilers Included in this review



Here is where the guys at Telltale have come up with a stroke of genius! It’s so basic but extremely clever! The story revolves around Sheriff Bigsby, this hard ass guy isn’t your usual sheriff though, as he REALLY IS the BIG BAD WOLF!

This is where the normal world where seemingly normal people live goes out the window!!
All the fairy tale characters are here, Snow White, beauty and her husband the Beast, trolls, the Woodsman, there’s a whole plethora of characters from tales gone by! All look like normal people but that’s a facade, they are covered with a sort of magic called Glamour, and its Bigsbys job to make sure these fairytale folk keep to their end of the bargain by keeping “Glamoured” and staying out of the public eye.

But as with all good stories there’s a real twist in the tale, someone has started butchering these poor chaps and leaving body parts as presents for our main man Bigsby. So cue the start of episode 2 and Bigsbys race against time to stop this serial killer striking again!!

Control feel:

Anybody who’s ever played a Telltale game will know exactly what they’re getting, it’s the same excellent formula they used in The Walking Dead game. And those of you who read my reviews will know I’m a massive fan so I was more than happy when I started playing this new chapter in Telltales career!

For those of you unfamiliar with the afore-mentioned series, the control system works like the old skool point and click adventures from way back when! And its bang on brilliant! The whole system is faultless, easy, intuitive and is picked up in mere minutes. The selection crosshairs bring up a mini selection menu when on the selected item I.e look, pick up, talk etc you get the idea.

Character movement is spot on, the usual left stick malarkey so it really is as easy as that! Speech selection is just as easy, just press the corresponding button for which answer/question you’d like to say! My only little moan is the action sequences, they’re QTE and can be a tad over punishing on you, some are a bit to DO IT NOW! B*****KS I missed it, GOD DAMN YOU missed it again!! But they look that spectacular you don’t mind doing it again.

Very easy to pick up and play, which is never a bad thing in my eyes!


Just STUNNING! They are gorgeous! It really is that simple! The character design is amazing, the world these fairytale folk have found as their new home looks just FAAABULOUS DAAARLING! As I’m sure your all well aware, the cartoon/cell shaded graphics in these sort of games can not be bettered in my eyes, I absolutely love them!

The cut scenes are in the same style so your never ever taken away from the story/action which works really well, for most part of this game I couldn’t help but smile, even the smallest details are in there, for instance…. Along the way, you’ll go and meet Georgie(Porgie) in the pudding and pie strip club!! (Brilliant touch!) The first thing you’ll notice is his “Glamour”….. He’s a tattooed punk and has a massive tat across his chest saying “Kiss the Girls”, this attention to detail is everywhere and makes the game and characters come alive!

All the locations have been painstakingly loved from the word go, every building, alley, car ride is just great, so much effort and visualisation has been put in to this side of the game it’s almost impossible not to sit there and go “**** ME, THAT’S JUST WOW!”

It really is like playing an interactive movie!



As with all story based games if the story is told poorly the game is going to suffer BIG TIME!! Well luckily for us, this isn’t one of them games, it really is the muts nuts when it comes to story telling,

The voice acting is better than some big films I’ve watched of late. Everything has meaning, you really fall for the story being told, you feel their anger, pain or in Bigsbys case very funny sarcasm, he really does have a way with words! It plays to all its strengths here as it really needs to because without great story telling this game would not work.

The sound track/musical score is brilliantly done, low, soft music in those meaningful moments and big loud brash heart pumping when the action kicks off! For instance your charging through a hotel trying to catch Tweedle Dee the little swine! (you’ll know why when you meet him) it does everything almost perfect, heart in the mouth when needed and tugs at the heart-strings in all the right places!

A real emotional rollercoaster!

the wolf among us episode 2 The Wolf Among Us Episode 2 Review |


I really wanted to score this higher but that would be me looking through Telltale tinted glasses! The first episode was a full on assault and did mix up the story telling and action sequences perfect! I found this episode has just taken itself off the boil a wee bit! Don’t get me wrong, it’s great from start to finish, but that start to finish is merely an hour and a half long and 80% of that is story!! Great if you if you fancy some lazy gaming but for me it was lacking in the action scenes department!

The story gets deeper as you investigate the gruesome murder from the end of episode 1, so as mentioned the vast majority of episode 2 is going from pillar to post asking questions and trying to find the sicko that likes beheading innocent little ladies! This part is interesting and makes the story come alive but action junkies will probably think this is just a tad too dull.

The action side of things when they do crop are brilliant, very adult (so children reading this, I’d ask mummy first) the one thing that does stand out, is a torture scene, it can be as brutal or nice as you decide (I went sick, poor chap) but that’s the beauty of these sort of games, there’s certain points where story changing decisions HAVE to be made, I played at the same time as my bud from work, although we got to the same end, we got there very different ways! It’s a very clever trick Telltale use, it gives you the illusion of choice, you all end up in the same boat, it’s just a lot of fun having various ways of getting there!


The Wolf Among Us Episode 2 carries on the story brilliantly, takes you deeper in to this wonderful fantasy fable so fans of the first episode will lap it up that’s for sure. The only real downside is that this part of the tale seems to fly by( 90 minutes if your lucky) but they are a real treat of 90 minutes that’s for sure! So all in all its more of the same and in my opinion that’s never a bad thing!


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