Why Has It Taken Dice So Long To Reintroduce Squad Join

Why Has It Taken Dice So Long To Reintroduce Squad Join

Earlier today Xbox Players published the details of Battlefield 4 Squad Join, but here we ask a simple question Why Do This 6 months after launch?

Dice and EA have finally added a simple but very effective tool to Battlefield 4, and one that worked already in Battlefield 3.

So has anyone asked why it was dropped from Battlefield 4 in the first place?

We cannot understand why this would have been the case unless it had major implications on the running of the game, but what hasn’t.

Squad Join Beta will only be available in the Battlefield 4 base game maps in the Conquest, Team Deathmatch, Obliteration, Rush, and Domination game modes. Others will be added later if the feedback from the fans points to this working properly.

It does smack of indifference and to be perfectly honest all a little  too late for some fans on Battlelog:


why do you ask us what we would like to change? But in BF3the function worked great! not enough to copy? why complicate


 When you can use this feature with the server browser, instead of quick match, then i will be happy.


 Squad joining! Finally! But what about if there’s more than 5 of us (i.e. a clan). Keeping clans together and preventing rebalancing from splitting clans up in between matches needs to be next.


 DICE released BF4 and at every junction they said they were NOT going to add pre-game squads, the only reason you have done this was because DICE finally caved to the pressure and likely this may be a means to try to get older players to come back since the game is running better.

I appreciate the feature, just be honest about why we getting it, we the audience are not stupid.

Battlefield 4 Squad Join Beta Why Has It Taken Dice So Long To Reintroduce Squad Join |Fans are still annoyed that this game still has so many issues but Dice look to be in it for the long haul. The Battlefield series is not a yearly occurrence and will see 2 full years in its lifetime.

The EA Help page on Battlefield 4 has a whole step by step guide, so we know EA and Dice are aware of these ongoing problems, but if you consider how many issues they have had since launch, are we finally starting to see the game that was intended to be released on day one?

Below we have detailed what issues are currently known on Xbox on the help page or click here to see the full page

In-Game: Xbox

  • Restarting my Xbox resets my campaign progress
    • Some players have reported that their campaign progress is lost after restarting their Xbox during either a proper shutdown or the resetting of a multiplayer game.
  • “Missions” won’t open when I select its option from the My Soldier menu on Xbox 360
    • Currently, when Xbox 360 players select Missions from the My Soldier menu in order to select challenges, the Mission menu does not open.
  • Battlefield 4 Xbox 360 and Commander App connection issue
    • We’ve received reports that Xbox 360 Battlefield 4 players, while using the BF4 Commander app on a mobile device, are unable to connect to the Xbox 360 Battlefield 4 game servers.
    • Rest assured that we’re investigating this issue and are working to resolve it as quickly as possible.
  • Xbox 360 multiple Battlepacks and Missing Items issues
    • Some players on Xbox 360 have reported receiving multiple Battlepacks, and then missing some of their unlock-items.
    • We’re currently investigating this issue and will provide updates as soon as possible.
  • Battlefield 4 Premium Price Discrepancy
    • Currently the Xbox marketplace on Xbox 360 is displaying BF4 Premium as costing 4000 Microsoft Points instead of local currency. This will not affect the actual price of the game when you make the purchase you will be charged for the item in your local price depending on region.



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