Need For Speed Rivals Dev Session @Eurogamer_expo

Need For Speed Rivals Dev Session @Eurogamer_expoMarcus-Nilsson#EGX EA GAMES Marcus Nilsson introduces Need For Speed Rivals to @Eurogamer_expo

Xbox Players will be keeping you up to date with the developer sessions live from Earls Court London and adding Unique images and comments here:

  • @NeedforSpeed #EGX @Eurogamer_expo @Xboxplayer #XBplayers well Need For Speed Rivals was it the series of this generation
    by you
  • @NeedforSpeed #EGX @Eurogamer_expo @Xboxplayer #XBplayers will progression return since black box left:
    by Pete 5:35 PM
  • @NeedforSpeed #EGX @Eurogamer_expo @Xboxplayer #XBplayers can you use Motorbikes : No
    by Pete 5:35 PM
  • @NeedforSpeed #EGX @Eurogamer_expo @Xboxplayer #XBplayers will there be a new burnout tweet @alexward sorry
    by Pete 5:34 PM
  • Q&A @NeedforSpeed #EGX @Eurogamer_expo @Xboxplayer #XBplayers
    by Pete 5:34 PM
  • @NeedforSpeed #EGX @Eurogamer_expo @Xboxplayer #XBplayers wow
    by Pete 5:33 PM
  • sneak peak trailer watch it here later @NeedforSpeed #EGX @Eurogamer_expo @Xboxplayer #XBplayers
    by Pete 5:32 PM
  • @NeedforSpeed #EGX @Eurogamer_expo @Xboxplayer #XBplayers Frostbite 3 is confirmed and the engine will allow for customization
    by Pete 5:31 PM
  • @NeedforSpeed #EGX @Eurogamer_expo @Xboxplayer #XBplayers will there be a Q&A
    by Pete 5:30 PM
  • @NeedforSpeed #EGX @Eurogamer_expo @Xboxplayer #XBplayers Overwatch will allow you to use Commander Mode from Battlefield
    by Pete 5:29 PM
  • Need For Speed Rivals Dev Session @Eurogamer_expo
    by Pete 5:29 PM
  • @NeedforSpeed #EGX @Eurogamer_expo @Xboxplayer #XBplayers Ghost Studio introduce Battlelog style App and upgrade Autolog also Overwatch
    by Pete 5:27 PM
  • You have 4 minutes to get to the Dev Sessions area – ask a question at ‘Ask Eurogamer’ and get a free t-shirt! #EGX
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  • @NeedforSpeed #EGX @Eurogamer_expo @Xboxplayer #XBplayers Autolog returns to need for speed
    by Pete 5:25 PM
  • @NeedforSpeed #EGX @Eurogamer_expo @Xboxplayer #XBplayers a new studio for a new studio with a new emphasis
    by Pete 5:25 PM
  • Need For Speed Rivals Dev Session @Eurogamer_expoMarcus Explains the Rivalry
    by Pete 5:23 PM
  • @NeedforSpeed #EGX @Eurogamer_expo @Xboxplayer #XBplayers what do you think racers is this the game that returns us to great NFS games
    by Pete 5:22 PM
  • Need For Speed Rivals Dev Session @Eurogamer_expo
    by Pete 5:20 PM
  • @NeedforSpeed #EGX @Eurogamer_expo @Xboxplayer #XBplayers give us a few original pictures from inside the session
    by Pete 5:19 PM
  • @NeedforSpeed #EGX @Eurogamer_expo @Xboxplayer #XBplayers players can play single player mode in the same game!
    by Pete 5:18 PM
  • #Swag alert! Want a free tee? RT @rauper : Ask a question and get a free expo t-shirt! We are resorting to bribes. Starts in 15 mins. #EGX
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  • @NeedforSpeed #EGX @Eurogamer_expo @Xboxplayer #XBplayers open world sandbox and with a twist, all drive adds depth
    by Pete 5:17 PM
  • @NeedforSpeed #EGX @Eurogamer_expo @Xboxplayer #XBplayers car personalisation is involved
    by Pete 5:16 PM
  • @NeedforSpeed #EGX @Eurogamer_expo @Xboxplayer #XBplayers story driven career
    by Pete 5:15 PM
  • @NeedforSpeed #EGX @Eurogamer_expo @Xboxplayer #XBplayers rivals have cops and racers
    by Pete 5:15 PM
  • by Pete 5:14 PM
  • Need For Speed Rivals Dev Session @Eurogamer_expoMArcus Explains The History of Need For Speed
    by Pete 5:13 PM
  • Need For Speed Rivals Dev Session @Eurogamer_expoMarcus Nilsson
    by Pete 5:12 PM
  • @NeedforSpeed #EGX @Eurogamer_expo @Xboxplayer #XBplayers oops criterion games are involved
    by Pete 5:11 PM
  • @NeedforSpeed #EGX @Eurogamer_expo @Xboxplayer #XBplayers MArcus explains how Sweden is a great destination for designers and Living there
    by Pete 5:10 PM
  • @NeedforSpeed #EGX @Eurogamer_expo @Xboxplayer #XBplayers ghost games has UK based developers as well
    by Pete 5:09 PM
  • @NeedforSpeed #EGX @Eurogamer_expo @Xboxplayer #XBplayers DICE are involved!
    by Pete 5:08 PM
  • @NeedforSpeed #EGX @Eurogamer_expo @Xboxplayer #XBplayers ghost games are using Frostbite so no new game engine this year, REALLY
    by Pete 5:08 PM
  • @NeedforSpeed #EGX @Eurogamer_expo @Xboxplayer #XBplayers Marcus explains ghost games and the future of NFS Rivals
    by Pete 5:07 PM
  • @NeedforSpeed #EGX @Eurogamer_expo @Xboxplayer #XBplayers ghost games are the producers on the game
    by Pete 5:06 PM
  • @NeedforSpeed #EGX @Eurogamer_expo @Xboxplayer #XBplayers looks like this will be awesome
    by Pete 5:06 PM
  • @NeedforSpeed #EGX @Eurogamer_expo @Xboxplayer #XBplayers welcome marcus thank you for the exclusive we will publish soon
    by Pete 5:04 PM
  • @NeedforSpeed #EGX @Eurogamer_expo @Xboxplayer #XBplayers we are
    by Pete 5:02 PM
  • RT @brokenkey : Lego marvel dev session is awesome. Loads of kids asking questions.#EGX
    by Eurogamer Expo via twitter 5:02 PM
  • #EGX @Eurogamer_expo @Xboxplayer #XBplayers we are nearly live with EA GAMES and need for speed Rivals
    by Pete 5:00 PM