Understanding storage on Xbox One deleting games & saves

Understanding storage on Xbox One deleting games & saves

hard drive Understanding storage on Xbox One deleting games & saves |Many questions have been raised about the storage on Xbox One including how much do I have? What’s stored in the cloud and so forth.

We have put together some of the most prominent questions from Xbox.com and listed them here for you to find all in one place.

Understand and manage storage on Xbox One

Xbox One keeps all your data up to date by synchronizing with Xbox Live. You no longer need to make a decision about whether to save something locally or in the cloud – your data is stored in both places automatically. Saved games, app data, and your preferences are immediately available when you sign in to any Xbox One console.

You can find out more about cloud storage in our Xbox One guide to Cloud storage


How much storage do I have?

The Xbox One is equipped with a 500-gigabyte (GB) internal hard drive. Most of this space is available for storing games and apps, though some is reserved for saved games, console software, and other important system functions.

What’s stored on my hard drive, and what’s stored in the cloud?

Your data is stored to both your hard drive and the cloud simultaneously. Xbox Live keeps your important data in sync so you don’t lose anything when you use a friend or family member’s console, or even when you switch to a new console.

Note A regular connection to Xbox Live is required to keep your data in sync. Playing offline may cause your cloud data to become out of date. Your data refreshes each time you connect to Xbox Live.

How do I delete saves I no longer need?

You can delete and otherwise manage your saved games from within the game itself. Start the game and use its menu system to delete the save. The process and options for managing your data vary from game to game.


Delete unneeded or unwanted games or apps

If your hard drive gets full, you may want to uninstall some games or apps that you no longer use. To do this:

  1. Press the Xbox button on the controller to return to the Home screen. Or, say “Xbox, go home.”
  2. Select My games and apps.
  3. Highlight the content you want to remove, then press the Menu button.
  4. Select Uninstall.
picture Understanding storage on Xbox One deleting games & saves |
  1. On the next screen, select Uninstall to confirm the deletion


How can I check my free space?

Xbox One monitors your available hard drive space. When it starts to fill up, a message appears warning you that you’re low on space. These messages are stored in Notifications. You can check to see if you have any unread messages by saying “Xbox, go to notifications” or by selecting the notifications icon at the top of Home screen.

If you don’t have any notifications, it means you have plenty of free space. If you are running low on space, try deleting unused or seldom-used content.

Can I use a flash drive or an external hard drive?

No. The Xbox One does not support external storage devices.



Whilst the last point is no doubt the biggest disappointment as USB movie files are a very common practice in this day and age there is hope with our guide to SkyDrive where you can upload movie files to and watch them on your Xbox One. Read about SkyDrive and Xbox One


Yes, the Xbox One will support external Hard Drives. I have a 4T attached to my Xbox One.

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