Titanfall hands on preview with Microsoft Servers

Titanfall hands on preview with Microsoft Servers

Widely regarded as the first big title for Microsoft on Xbox One, Titanfall has been hyped up from its first sighting at E3 last year.

EA are known for some of the best games around from sports to shooters and everything in between, but as yet, we have not seen how this new partnership between EA and Microsoft, which was made to sound so close could benefit gamer’s on the next gen console.

titanfall logo Titanfall hands on preview with Microsoft Servers |Well standby for Titanfall! EA’s first online only game for Xbox One is being talked about on all fronts.

Will it look amazing?

Just how will it play?

How will the servers cope?

Well the Jury has now gone to deliberate and Xbox Players have a provisional verdict of absolutely amazing game-play merged with next gen graphics and top of the line servers.

That’s right Titanfall will be running on the brand new Microsoft Xbox One servers! NOT the standard EA ones that have plagued great games such as Battlefield and FIFA.

After nearly 4 hours of pilot crushing, Titan falling action it really didn’t occur to me that not once did I get any lag, of any type, so i sought out confirmation and heard what many gamer’s will be relieved to hear, Titanfall will run on Microsoft servers.

Now some may be wondering why I am so happy about this but ask any Battlefield 4 player, the issues are widespread and have been since the launch and until recently there seemed to be no sign of any resolutions but things have improved, well this time EA are taking no chances and putting the faith of gamer’s firmly in the hands of Microsoft to ensure a solid gaming connection to all gamer’s.

Microsoft have spoken a lot about their 320,000 servers and how the cloud power will enhance gaming well now its time to stand up and be counted for its first big test.

titanfall screenshot Titanfall hands on preview with Microsoft Servers |

So, great servers, online only, Huge Titans as well as the usual FPS pilot action, coupled with new and exciting game modes, what gamer isn’t going to get excited about this game.


Simple to pick up and play as you can see, the controls are very similar for both the Titan and the pilot.

Titanfall controller map Titanfall hands on preview with Microsoft Servers |


Although we only got to play on two maps – Angel City and Fracture the details were there, and my god do they need to be.

As you can see from the video below of Angel City this isn’t just a ground assault type of game, if you use the diversity of the game you will be scaling the side of buildings and not only taking out enemy pilots but attacking Titans with your anti Titan weapons.

Rooftop encounters and mid air battles are very much a part of this game, but its not some great mystery how to get to the top of the buildings which is refreshing.

Rooftops are as detailed as the ground and everything in-between but don’t expect high polished chrome mech robots walking about, this is war and these hard ass machines are battle ridden and scared as such.

Smoke, dust, dirt, mud and general machine parts are laden all over the land and the depth of detail is fantastic.

Titan’s fall from the sky and land nearby creating clouds of dust and debris kicked up in the air distracting nearby combat and pilots, then its decision time, do I pull out my anti titan weapon and earn myself the ultimate achievement of taking down a Titan as a pilot? or do I run and hide waiting for it to pass then  go off in hunt of vantage points and unsuspecting enemy pilots.

The decision is yours but one thing is for sure if you hear in your ear ” Ready for Titanfall” then your off to find a clearing and jumping in that bad boy.

And so it begins, your first outing in a Titan. Amazingly easy to maneuver considering your now 4 times taller, but providing that authority that only a mechanical extension of your body could.

Pull out that gun or rocket launcher and get blasting because there is no hiding now, the entire team of enemy pilots is either running inside buildings to find a good vantage point or preparing to mount their own Titan. Let the battle commence.



Spanning over Assertion, Hardpoint Domination and my favorite mode Last Titan standing the hours went by and the levels just kept passing me by, from my first unlock to the 1 round wildcards (unlocked from level 7 onwards) the game just kept on giving. It didn’t matter that there were only 2 maps and 3 modes, there was always the next challenge to achieve or a wildcard to be earned.

Wildcards are kind of like 1 round booster cards, from prosthetic limbs for your Pilot to improve speed to enhanced explosions and once you have unlocked 3 of them and built up a collection to chose from you will be wondering how easy can I make it to flatten the enemy.

The question is – how far will the levels, wildcards, challenges and load-outs take you. in an online only game and what is set to be one of the biggest games in 2014 they had better allow more levels than even a 14 year old out of school kid could complete as gamers are going to have difficulty putting this one down. Not for one minute did I think what else could I be doing tonight.

Graphically Titanfall is impressive and not even a final build but if this is all I have to go on for now its definitely up there among the nicest looking Xbox One titles so far.

Titanfall is totally immersive and the hype is only going to build over the next 4 weeks until you can finally hear ”Ready for Titanfall”


If your still wondering if you should buy the game or not sign up to the Beta,before 17th February 2014 http://www.titanfall.com/beta

titanfall gameplay action Titanfall hands on preview with Microsoft Servers |



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