Rekoil Xbox Live Arcade Review

Rekoil Xbox Live Arcade Review

GAME: Rekoil
Developer: Plastic Piranha, 505 Games
Release date: 30/1/14
Type/genre: First Person Shooter (FPS)

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    Now this section is a bit of a mystery in all honesty! If I hadn’t done my research I’d be none the wiser with the story of this game, it tells you nothing, no intro at the start, no clues as to why you’re doing what you’re doing, it literally loads up, you press start and WHAAAM!! You’re in the middle of a fire fight and clueless as to why you’ve just had the inside of your skull emptied in the space of 10 seconds!!

    Anyway I digress, apparently there’s been a major pandemic and most of society has crumbled, paving the way for anarchy to reign free! So the war between the remaining survivors begins….. It’s time to lock’n’load and blast your way to victory!


    Control feel: 6.5 / 10

    Neither here nor there! pretty much sums up the way the controls feel here. It’s never going to win any awards, but doesn’t really put a foot wrong. It’s the same old tried and tested formula of every other FPS on the market!

    So FPS fans will be running and gunning from the word go, noobies to the genre don’t fear, it takes mere minutes to get to grips with the layout so you’ll be popping off headshots in no time!

    Movement is fluid enough, sprinting and jumping is easily done, although a tad cumbersome at times, it doesn’t really take away anything from the game.

    My only minor gripe is that the responsiveness is a very mixed bag with the weapons on offer, depending on which guns I was using I found them vary drastically, the AK47 and Famas handled great, as for the M16 I couldn’t hit a donkeys ass with a banjo!! It all just felt a tad unbalanced if truth be told.

    Overall it does what it says on the tin, without ever pushing boundaries it’s easy enough to pick up and crack on with shattering skulls and torsos.


    rekoil_launch_screen__21_ Rekoil Xbox Live Arcade Review |


    Graphics: 7 / 10

    A tough one to call was this section, although quite primitive and yesteryear they are by no means shoddy! Infact the rough and rugged texture to the backdrops and map layout work really well and add to the character of this world in ruins!

    Saying all of the above, if you’re expecting eye candy you won’t find it here! The maps are all your bog-standard run of the mill, well erm mills, warehouses, town center’s, abandoned yards etc etc…. The character models are just the better side of basic, although you can change the appearance of them to a degree, it isn’t the most in-depth system your likely to stumble across.

    On to the death dealers………The weapons! They’re not the sexiest you’ll ever clamp eyes on that’s for sure, but they do change in shape and size and have the odd bit of realistic detail thrown in to the mix, but that’s as good as it gets for your choice of devastation!

    Although ruff around the edges on a whole it does work in strangely nostalgic sort of way!


    Sound: 3 / 10

    Now this part of the game is just woeful, there’s nothing at all, and I mean NOTHING other than the odd burst of “action” music on the title screen (which is so cliche its painful), constant rattling of gunfire and the screaming of your slain enemies and that my friends is that! Oh I forgot there’s, wait for it, wait for it……….. A voice telling you you’ve captured point A, B or C!! Spoilt we are, bloody spoilt!

    So folks that’s it I’m afraid, No in-game music score, no real difference in the weapon sound effects, no narrative, NO NOTHING!

    As harsh as it sounds, A REAL LET DOWN!! It’s feels like the sound guys just thought “That’ll do, who’s coming for a pint!?”


    rekoil_launch_screen__13_ Rekoil Xbox Live Arcade Review |


    Gameplay: 7 / 10

    Firstly I must state that this is all online only, so don’t go expecting a full on campaign because I’m sorry to say that ain’t gonna happen here people!

    It’s gaming in its purest form!

    Now I know this part is going to split gamers and opinions right down the middle! What Rekoil is, is a back to basics, raw and untainted no holds barred shoot out! Gone are the kill streaks, levelling up, air strikes, weapon unlockables etc etc that seem part and parcel of every FPS on the planet, so all you Call Of Duty/Battlefield junkies might Rekoil in horror at the lack of the therefore mentioned.( pardon the pun, it was cheap I know!) The main element is down to player skill, not a fancy gimmick you’ve just spent half of your life unlocking, just out right the best player wins so deal with that Mr where’s my Air strike…..

    The gameplay is fast and frantic, “smaller” maps make for some crazy all out carnage scenarios and at first I didn’t think it was my cup of tea, but the more I played the more I just accepted it for what it is and the more I began to really enjoy the sheer simplicity of it. Pick a character, pick a gun, now go cause mayhem BISH, BASH, BOSH! It’s as simple as that.

    The game plays like the shooters of yesteryear, Quake, Unreal Tournament, Doom and the like. Easy to pick up and play but that bit more difficult to master! Rekoil has a good few game modes to keep you happy aswell, they’re all run of the mill standard stuff like team deathmatch, deathmatch, Domination, capture the flag or in this case it’s a, well, briefcase!? Your guess is as good as mine as to why? Although hardly pioneering it does provide a nice change of pace from the deathmatch shenanigans.



    FPS players craving for the glory times of days gone by will rejoice at the way Rekoil has stripped all the flashy gimmicks of your modern day shooters and gone back to basics of just a good old-fashioned team blue V team red blaster!

    Fans of modern day FPS might find some mild enjoyment and stress relief at popping off 100’s of rounds in a mindless frenzy but overall I think this is tailored to a niche crowd but it’s well worth a blast for when you’ve got an hour to kill!

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