Max: The Curse of Brotherhood Xbox One Review

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood Xbox One Review

GAME: Max: The Curse of Brotherhood
Developer: Press Play
Release date: Out Now
Type/genre: Platformer
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    When Max wishes for his annoying little brother Felix to be whisked away by unknown evil forces, he gets more than he has bargained for. By using the forces of nature, Max can create impressive pillars of earth, powerful streams of water and other elements with his magic marker which he must use to travel through elaborate caves systems, forests and gloomy castles of Anotherland to save Felix. Along the way Max gains and develops the power to manipulate the environment and overcome seemingly impossible obstacles.


    Control feel: 7 / 10

    Max The Curse of Brotherhood at first may look like a simple run and jump control system with X and Y buttons primally used to interact with the environment such as moving objects like blocks of stones, but as you progress into the game additional controls become available such as the left and right triggers to control Max’s Marker when combined with the X and Y buttons can be used to move objects such as columns of earth or draw objects like vines and branches and once done you can erase these obstruction to continue, these action will help you solve the puzzles within the game.

    Even though their is not much to the controls which are simple Max Curse of Brotherhood provides a smooth control of the character but will require some perfectly timed actions to beat whatever is thrown at you.

    Max2 Max: The Curse of Brotherhood Xbox One Review |


    Graphics: 7.5 / 10

    Your first impression is the game looks stunning for an arcade game in this side scrolling platformer with a similar design to Limbo another stylish and eerie side scrolling platformer on the Xbox 360 but with a more colourful pallet but the more you play the attention to the level design in the foregrounds provides a lush environment experience from jungles to lava filled caverns with the detail extending into the background giving an overall solid feel which gives some true depth to the game.

    The Camera angles are varied which show of the size and scale of each level as they pan out to show the landscape ahead on the levels however at times this can be a little disorientating as you can sometimes find it hard to move as you cant make out your character were he is on the screen as you are so small you can’t see were you are jumping to which results in you dying over and over again relying you to jump on pure faith wether you will make the next ledge or not.


    Sound: 8 / 10

    Throughout the game the story is narrated very well by the crazy old lady Max meets at the start and acts as a guide throughout the entire game and provides Max with advice for Max on his journey.

    The music in the game is sparse but builds up when a certain event takes place during gameplay in contrast the Mustacho’s minions provide some comical sounds with their cave man like grunts when alerted to you.

    The sound is varied with realistic sound of rushing water as you float down a river or even as you swing on vines through trees you can here the creaking on the trees, the sound can be eerie at times with creaking floors or creatures sounds coming from dark places can put your senses on heightened alert for a while really pulls you into the game not knowing if someone or something is going to jump out at you around the next corner or not.

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    Gameplay: 7 / 10

    Max is provided with a magic marker pen to help change certain aspects of the level and reach areas that are inaccessible by jumping to help Max through the levels which he can use to manipulate the environment with such elements like water, fire and Earth to name a few to accomplish his tasks.

    However it way take a few attempts to complete these tasks you will find that their are times that you are dying over and over again, luckily you have unlimited lives to finish the game but still their are parts that can become quite frustrating.

    With over seven chapters within the game should provide hours of fun which will include some puzzle elements to each of the levels to find all the Evil Eyes and other secrets waiting to be discovered which can be challenging to find them all should provide some replay value, but some issues did arise when the game crashed at certain points within the game resulting on having to reset the game.

    Max Curse of the Brotherhood uses Xbox Ones upload studio extremely well when a certain event or puzzle on a level is completed which will record it automatically in your clips for you and your friends to view later.



    Overall Max: Curse of Brotherhood is a must have game which providing a fun and addictive experience even for people on a budget as Max: Curse of Brotherhood supplies a stunning detailed world with realistic in game sound provide a believable world to explore with many hidden secrets to find will provide some life to the game however the issue with the game crashing did spoil the experience a little but with the ability to have certain challenges or even helpful tips can be recorded using the upload studio provides a feature that you can share with your friends over and over again weather they are funny or a complete fail.

    As Platform games go Max: Curse of Brotherhood may not appeal to everyone but if you are looking for a pick up and play game that looks stunning this one is for you.


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