How to set your New Xbox One Console up in Portuguese

How to set your New Xbox One Console up in Portuguese


November 22nd 2013: the launch of the Xbox One Console will see many households with shiney new black boxes under their screens and some will be whipping the packaging off and discarding everything else including the set up instructions!

How to set your New Xbox One Console up in Portuguese

 Well here at Xbox Players we have a Digital record for you for just the time when you might need it!

These images are of an official set up manual from a brand new Xbox One Console. You can clearly see the rear of the Console and all the available ports. you can also see they are in Portuguese.

The power adaptor looks much neater than that of the Xbox 360s and definitily smaller than that of the origional power unit.

  • HDMI port x 2
  • USB port x 2
  • Power port
  • Kinect port


We would suggest that this is a standard set up to be honest but the next stage is very revealing.

How to set your New Xbox One Console up in Portuguese

 In this image we can see the suggested range of the Kinect 2.0. This is to be a minimum if 1.4 metres. It also suggests that the minimum height thaat the Kinect 2.0 can be set at should be 0.6 metres with a maximum height of 1.8 metres.

So it seems that the Kinect 2.0 is far superior to its Xbox 360 parent and that players will in fact not require as much room as previously.

The final interesting piece on this image is that it shows a vertically standing Xbox One with a clear warning not to stand it up on its side.

This should keep your disc’s safer then presumably?

How to set your New Xbox One Console up in Portuguese

It also looks likely that the newest s-controller will in-fact connect to your new Xbox One Console in the exact same way as before.  By holding down both the guide button on your new controller and the console. The headset will again connect to the controller in the same way as before also, with the biggest difference between these peices and the Xbox 360 pieces is the battery compartment.

It looks as if the powers that b have created a smoother underbelly for this generatons controller. The batteries are no longer hanging down from the controller.


Its nice to know that the Manual is as neccessary as usual eh!

 *the manual we have displayed above was taken from online sources








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