Google Glass and how this Could Change Gaming

Virtually every gamer since an early age loves the idea of a virtual world of gaming.

glassVirtual Reality Gaming

Recently the type of concept that has been devised to achieve this has seen the development of  Oculus Rift.

marc-andreessen-google-glass-1Marc Andreessen, who created the first web browser before founding the investment firm that bears his name, was even more explicit about the expanding use cases he sees for virtual reality.

tech_oculus_headset-“I first worked in 3D interactivity and virtual reality over twenty years ago at the University of Illinois. Oculus delivers on the potential of VR that we saw but could not realize at the time.

We believe Oculus will not only alter the gaming landscape but will redefine fundamental human experiences in areas like film, education, architecture, and design,” Andreessen said.

As you have seen this is a massive step nearer to the goal we all wish to achieve, but after watching the video on Google Glass do you not consider the possibilities of Software houses creating games such as The Elder Scrolls being played on it or even RTS games such as Halo Spartan Assault.

Google-GlassOr consider this what if Microsoft combined Google Glass with SmartGlass? Ok we know Hell would probably freeze over first, but consider it!

Battlefield Commander Mode – This could be done on the move. Your mates call you up on the eye piece and tell you they need your help! Continue working away AND help your teammates out at the same time!


Replaying your last rounds of Call of Duty WHILST STILL PLAYING! Review the past games to spot hiding places and take out those campers time and again!

Here we wanted you to find the easiest links to check out Google Glass – Would it work?


What is Google Glass? Click Here

How it Feels – Click Here

What Does it Currently Do? Click Here

How Do I Get One Now? Click Here

So we ask you – Will Google Glass alter the reality of our Gaming?


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