Gamers demand Battlefield 4 DLC refund and Premium

Second Assault Hero Gamers demand Battlefield 4 DLC refund and Premium |It is now widely reported gamers have been able to get refunds for their Battlefield Premium content from EA but will you get a refund?

Issues range from locked accounts meaning NO premium content, unable to access the servers, constantly getting removed from game severs and crashing out, unfinished DLC content, inability to join games to communication and VoIP issues.

EA seem to have responded in the shadows about this one. as there is no-one available to comment on the refunds but on various forums including our own people say they have received refunds.

Currently thought consumers have no rights in relation to refunds so we have noted below for you the recent proposed changes to the law in relation to getting refunds on digital content.


Digital purchases – such as films, games, music and apps.

Current law: There is currently no protection for consumers regarding digital purchases.

Proposed new law: Clear right to repair or replacement if the item is faulty. Due to the nature of purchases firms are allowed to supply more than one repair or replacement but if this is not rectified during a reasonable amount of time then they are entitled to a refund or reduction in price. However, there is no 30 day limit on this.

We have contacted EA and will advise should an update be issued


You can discuss in our forum as well – Battlefield refunds

Let us know if you are successful or not!

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