REVIEW – Star Trek the Video Game

REVIEW – Star Trek the Video Game

GAME: Star Trek the video game

Developer: Namco Bandai

Release date: 25th April 2013

Type/genre: Space action adventure

Spoilers / No spoilers Included in this review


Star Trek Story:  5 /10

Set between the 2009 film and the newly released 2013 blockbuster Star Trek the Video game helps players bridge the gap in the story. As the game begins, Kirk and Spock are called to aid in the rescue of a mysterious space station that is heading towards catastrophe.  Upon their arrival, Kirk and Spock meet a female Vulcan scientist named T’Mar, who plays a prominent role in the action-packed journey that awaits.

“T’Mar is the captain of the space station and was a childhood friend of Spock,” says Paramount Senior Vice President and Executive Producer Brian Miller.  “Her blend of incredible intelligence and unexpected beauty prove intriguing to Kirk.”

As the story progresses, T’Mar joins Kirk and Spock as they travel to New Vulcan, a planet that orbits a binary star and was colonized by Vulcans after the destruction of their home world, seen in 2009’s Star Trek.  There, they find Surok – a great Vulcan leader.


Star Trek Control feel:  6 /10

Set in the third person view Star Trek the video game has nothing special about its controls, if anything it feels more like a basic platformer than a huge hit blockbuster title. Navigating round the missions offers little intriguing developments apart from the odd ridge shimmy to get across broken platforms. The movement of characters thought is actually nice, not too much sway and no ridiculous 2 meter jumps. The life-like feel of the characters does help overshadow some other minor flaws.


star trek the video game

Star Trek Graphics:  5 /10

Hugely disappointing, and whilst I’d like to leave it at that I should explain. Star trek, a huge worldwide brand and series, Namco Bandai, a huge worldwide games developer, provided us graphics on what was set to be a huge success with poor pixellated characters. The faces look good but when you move down to their attire the textures and finishing on them is below average at best and with a game based heavily around the story and its cut scenes you can help but notice this. Through the game itself thought it’s nice, and with all the various scenery around you they have done a good job here.


Star Trek Sound:  6 /10

So I’m not the world’s biggest Trekkie, but I do know what a phaser sounds like and that distinct photon torpedo sound. Star Trek the video game captures these sounds well and if that was my whole basis this would have been fine, but the music lacks the intensity in a game like this, we need the beating sounds during intense moments to help elevate the story, we need dramatic music during cut scenes to make us feel one with the character, however although it is there it’s just not got the cutting edge I expect in the current age of gaming.

star trek the video game

Star Trek Gameplay: 7 /10

Now this coupled with the story is where Star Trek the Video game should flourish, so many options and possibilities to explore, I mean come on there are years and years’ worth of episodes to exploit and harness winning storylines to translate into gameplay. Well job partly done. There are loads of small interactions that take place throughout the course of the game, from your tricorder you scan items to puzzle solving and computer hacking. They do give the game an extra dimension (no pun intended) but they lack exciting interaction and are very repetitive, mastered once mastered forever.


Now trying to put that aside and focus on the combat element, Star Trek the video game does not deliver dynamic combat, the Gorn infested ships and levels are little more than a formality to the next phase of the mission rather than a challenging in-depth part of the game. Enemies are about as intelligent as rock on a far distant planet and offer such predictable movements you want to scream. Unfortunately I am about to contradict myself and say that I actually enjoyed the gameplay but after a time did find it tedious.

The biggest fault of the gameplay is the bugs, I had to actually get a co-op partner in to get me through a part of the game and this was solely down to the game not taking control of Spock when it should have. After numerous attempts I got through with a co-op friend but not before blood had boiled over in frustration.


Star Trek the Video Game Conclusion: 

For Star trek the video game many had extremely high hopes. Great endorsements by the film industry and backing of the biggest name of them all, William Shatner had fans drooling over it. Unfortunately it has simple not delivered to the standards people expected. I found myself jumping in and out of the game rather than a continuous play through. Visually it’s a big let-down, sound is okay but nothing special, and even taking the general feel and gameplay into account it just lacks that something special that non trekkies would need and the actual trekkies can sink their teeth into. Worth a play through yes, worth playing again and again no.


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