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Eurogamer Expo 2012

Discussion in 'Industry News & Expos' started by SniperLee, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. SniperLee

    SniperLee Contributor

    27TH - 30TH

    So its the first year for XboxPlayers to attend this event and even though its early we already have a few members that will have press access and will be at the event. As the show is over 4 days the first 2 consist of mainly the developer sessions (including the careers, education, tools and services areas) which will and also a community party in conjunction with Stick Twiddlers on the Saturday evening.

    So hopefully we will be planning a big meet for all of Xboxplayers

    Here's what to expect at the show:

    • Hands-on gaming on console, PC and handhelds
    • Indie Games Arcade
    • Retro Zone
    • Developer Sessions
    • Tournaments
    • Cosplay
    • Community meet-ups and parties
    • The GamesIndustry Fair including careers and education
    • ...and more!



    At the moment I would suggest a meet on the Saturday would be the best idea but at the moment we will be waiting on the announcement as to when our other members would get in with press event as they would have more access than what we would have. The current ticket is entry from 11am till 7pm and costs £10. I'm hoping we can get confirmed of the Saturday ASAP as Early access tickets have already sold out of their allocations for all days. As it will be a long day and members like myself will be travelling from far and wide I would suggest a stop over in a b&b or hotel. The sooner everything is confirmed I would recommend that booking is done well in advance of train/accommodation or any other costs that you may incur on your journey.

    You can check the site out here:
  3. UK CHI3F

    UK CHI3F Administrator Staff Member

    Great piece of info there Sniper thanks, we have applied for our press passes over the Friday and Saturday for the event.

    My advice to everyone would be to get tickets for the Saturday of the event as Xbox players will be in attendance for a players meet up as well as general browsing.
    The Friday we have applied for is strictly website press work which we will be looking to get our interviews and inside scoops to publish on the site.

    A couple of members went to last years event and thoroughly enjoyed it.

    As our first year as a site that is expanding and growing at a steady rate at present our main aim is to get involved and find out more about what we will and will not be able to achieve bearing in mind that at present this is a 2nd job for both me and Pete.

    Rest assured we will do everything we can to get the best access possible and all the info our brains and phones can handle.

    Hope to have a good following for the event though.
  4. SniperLee

    SniperLee Contributor

    eurogamer ticket.jpg
  5. kingpedrok69

    kingpedrok69 Administrator Staff Member

    i cant wait for this

    I nominate Sniper Lee as the information Manager and Organisor for Eurogamer on the sitee! the meeting point etc general information on who has stands etc

    a special award for you
  6. SniperLee

    SniperLee Contributor

    Like the special award for that, I'll defiantly take it.

    Ok well at the moment we still have a few members that will be in there early so the co-ordination of all yours can be done in here and from in here also the meeting of members and schedule will be posted here, this will also only be a guide and will only be to used for meet purposes
  7. UK CHI3F

    UK CHI3F Administrator Staff Member

    And Xbox Players has thier fist Press Pass for Eurogamer expo both Friday and Saturday
  8. hothead maniac

    hothead maniac XBP Admin Staff Member

    Still discussing with Peter but if we have a press pass I don't mind coming down on the Friday and staying overnight in a cheapish b and b or travel inn
  9. kingpedrok69

    kingpedrok69 Administrator Staff Member

    ok folks just a little update from myself on my personal attendance i will be going on the friday as a representative of the site

    Now i realize that the Friday doesn't suit but i am looking to obtain a normal ticket for the Saturday so i can meet up with you guys if i cant then we will make arrangements to meet up on the Friday or Saturday night
  10. hothead maniac

    hothead maniac XBP Admin Staff Member

    need to get something arranged soon will speak to u later in the week to finalize some details
  11. hothead maniac

    hothead maniac XBP Admin Staff Member

    Ok got my tickets for friday and saturday, and my hotel is booked just need to get my train tickets sorted and i am there
  12. UK CHI3F

    UK CHI3F Administrator Staff Member

    Not been much talk lately about euro gamer are there any other members attending our Saturday meet up?

    Or if Friday is better myself and kingpedrok69 will be attending in a press capacity but would love to meet up with as many of you as possible for some future gaming

    Let us know if you are going
  13. UK CHI3F

    UK CHI3F Administrator Staff Member

    4 weeks till Eurogamer WOOOOOOO
  14. SniperLee

    SniperLee Contributor

    Im all setup and ready for sat going to be an early drive for me
  15. SniperLee

    SniperLee Contributor

    So the count down begins hotel and train sorted for me im staying at hotel olypia not too far away the map of the game floor was also. Released today if you wanna check that out
  16. SniperLee

    SniperLee Contributor


    Here it is
  17. UK CHI3F

    UK CHI3F Administrator Staff Member

    Eurogamer friday plans?

    Where should we meet?
    What time should we get there?

    Any suggestions people who have been there before?
  18. hothead maniac

    hothead maniac XBP Admin Staff Member

    I wont get in untill 11am so if phone signals are ok in there will give you a phone
  19. UK CHI3F

    UK CHI3F Administrator Staff Member

    Here is the games list that we have relevance to:
    Aliens colonial marines
    Assassins creed 3
    Battlefield premium
    Borderlands 2
    Call of dyty black ops 2
    Crysis 3
    Dance central 3
    Dead or alive 5
    Devil may cry
    F1 2012
    F1 racestars
    Fable the journey
    Far cry 3
    FIFA 13
    Forza horizon
    Gears of war judgement
    Grid 2
    Halo 4
    Hitman absolution
    Just dance 4
    Lost planet 3
    Medal of honour warfighter
    Need for speed most wanted
    PES 2013
    Resident evil 6
    Sniper elite v2
    Tomb raider
  20. UK CHI3F

    UK CHI3F Administrator Staff Member

    Know your away around its a big place and here is this years floor plan for the Eurogamer expo
  21. hothead maniac

    hothead maniac XBP Admin Staff Member

    i will be camping at the gears section lol

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