Durango delayed due to SONY licensing?

Durango delayed due to SONY licensing?

Durango delayed due to SONY licensing?

Durango delayed due to SONY licensing? Durango delayed due to SONY licensing? |Will the Durango be delayed due to a loophole in the licensing clause inserted into the Launch of Blu Ray in Europe?

Codenamed Durango, (which we understand is the leading name upon which we expect Microsoft to use as the launch title for the new generation of Console), the much rumoured New Generation of Xbox is set to be announced at an Xbox arranged Event on May 21st however if the rumours that a Blu ray player is to be included as standard then Sony, may have the edge in the war for next generation dominance but only in Europe.

The presence of Blu Ray was all but confirmed in an email printed on the MondoXbox site, which we handily translated for you – “Durango (the codename for the new Xbox, ed) is designed to realize the future of entertainment while remaining tolerant of today’s Internet. There are numerous scenarios in which our users expect it to work without an Internet connection, and in these cases should be able to operate independently of the state of the connection. These include, but are not limited to: play a Blu-ray, watch TV, and yes, play a single player title”

This then will trigger a clause in the Sony agreement in launching Blu Ray in Europe and will dramatically affect the launch time we all expected to be at the so called ‘Golden Quarter’. The full wording on the inclusion of Blu Ray  is said to only allow the use of one console to use Blu ray as the main disc type. Obviously this is the Playstation 3.

However this may only be a rumour to scare away the worries that Sony may have in the real threat that a Next Generation Announcement from Microsoft may bring. AND if that was the case does that then mean that they cannot launch the Playstation 4 either?

Xbox players opinion: we think that this is all empty threats and rumour mongering by Sony to try and appease their own ego’s. If it was the case that only one console would be able to use this technology then this would severely hinder many more companies other than Microsoft

Microsoft have announced that they will have a press conference on May 21st 2013 and this will be live streamed on Xbox 360 Dashboard.

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The next Xbox (Durango, Infinity, 720) might be delayed because Sony has an exclusive license for the console market. This rumor comes from the website Mondbox which received the information from a source working in a large Italian commercial chain.

Apparently there is a clause in the Blu-ray licensing terms that gives Sony the exclusive rights to implement Blu-ray in game consoles`. Sony’s Playstation 3 console supports Blu-ray, while the Xbox 360 lacks support for it.

Microsoft did release an external drive supporting the competing HD-DVD format  but this never got popular and has been vanished. Sony’s support for Blu-ray is no surprise since it’s one of the initiators of the format and both the Playstation 3 and Blu-ray  have been positively influencing each others popularity. Since Sony is heavily involved in Blu-ray it is a possibility that the company has exclusive rights to support it in game consoles.

So far it’s unclear if the release of the Xbox will only be delayed in Europe or that it will be a global issue. It’s also still unsure if the Xbox will actually have a Blu-ray drive or that Microsoft will decide to use a proprietary format like Nintendo implemented on the Wii U. A proprietary format could be used as a way of reducing of piracy, however the past has proofed that while it makes piracy more difficult it doesn’t actually stop it.

The next generation Xbox console will likely be announced on the 21st of May this year and was expected to launch during the holiday season. However Microsoft might miss this sales opportunity and launch long after the Playstation 4 becomes available. Sony’s upcoming next generation console in on schedule to release the holiday season of 2013. The new Xbox might not become available earlier than the first quarter of 2014.



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Could the new Xbox be delayed before they even set an official release date?

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