Do Gamers Demand Collectors Editions Or Do Publishers?

Do Gamers Demand Collectors Editions Or Do Publishers?

Do Gamers Demand Collectors Editions Or Do Publishers?

E3 2o14 has focused on the games! All of the Publishers have supported this overall theme throughout.

But the top games that have been announced will no doubt have their content and glamorous collectors piece already planned out.

Xbox Players are NOT going to go down the road of discussing downloadable content, or should that be, Xbox Players have covered season passes, and DLC on a few occasions.

On this occasion DLC will undoubtedly have  to be touched upon though only as this helps a publisher within define just how much can be charged, and to which level a player will commit him or herself to.

It is also a definition of which level of commitment that a fan of a series will commit to.

Many game players are turning to internet based discount sites such as to ease the price of gaming. and on many occasiovoucherbin Do Gamers Demand Collectors Editions Or Do Publishers? |ns retailers themselves help themselves by allowing this to happen, take for example.

Another retailer that are discounting in, is Currys electronics and to be honest they are not exactly known for having discounts.

Game players of this past generation are also more savvy (no pun intended), than in any previous generation, they realize that DLC, contained in Collectors Editions etc are normally released later on in the lifespan of a game, and possibly not within the prepaid season pass model. So again they choose to weight up their own personal needs more than let their heart decide.

The cost of these Collectors editions are not cheap and if a franchise is very popular then it is almost guaranteed to have numerous varieties of editions on top of the collectors as well.

However cost is a major factor but we all find a way to get that special something.  What are the others?  Xbox Players have listed what we feel are a number of factors that are involved here:


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From a consumer point of view:

  1. How much a game player likes a franchise
  2. How much each edition is
  3. What is on offer from different retailers
  4. Which console may have exclusive timed content
  5. What is the Collectible content

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From a publishers point of view:

  1. How popular is the Franchise
  2. How much content is reserved for Season Pass
  3. Does the game have a popular following
  4. Can they get additional revenue from the various editions
  5. Will pre-order additional content encourage more consumers

If you are analyzing the above you might in fact deduce that both the consumers and the publishers have common factors for very different outcomes.

The game player is interested firstly in the game this should not be forgotten, but a really good collectors edition should actually contain something that is not later readily available at least not at full retail value.

There have been several instances where Multiple editions confuse game players. But nowadays the collectors editions are called by their names as well.

Ubisoft seem to have got the mix correct. That is plain to see with the recent AAA release of Watch_Dogs. The game had a huge amount of variety within different retailers but they also named each so that players knew exactly which edition they were going for.

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Activison on the other hand seem to be recognized as the leader in this area or at least the publisher who most took advantage of the theme of their game Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

This collectors piece came with Night Vision goggles! Whereas Call of Duty Black Ops collectors had the Remote controlled RC car that also had a camera on it!

However Microsoft have possibly one of the earliest collectors editions know, Halo 3 game with a replica Masterchief Helmet and later had the Gears of War 3 model of Marcus Fenix.

Have you made up your mind as to who decides whether a game gets a collectors edition? if not we here on Xbox Players would love your opinion!

Do Gamers Demand Collectors Editions Or Do Publishers? comments below please …………




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