DLC is Great for Gamers But Are Season Passes?

DLC is Great for Gamers But Are Season Passes?

DLC is such a great way to continue the great work that Software designers have dedicated themselves to for many years.

To see gamers get excited about what they have produced after a long process must be very satisfying. They then have an opportunity through Downloadable Content to extend the gaming experience they have created. But there is a very fine line in every part of life where the need to expand is abused, and many gamers see Season Passes in such a light.

Inevitably the major companies who control the publishing of games nowadays control the purse strings and this is seen as where the line is.

season pass DLC is Great for Gamers But Are Season Passes? |EA are always accused of this and recent additions to the Season Pass family is the one for Titanfall

DLC Pack 1: Expedition (£7.99)
Featuring three all new maps: Swamplands, Runoff and Wargames set on new worlds across the Frontier.

DLC Pack 2: Summer 2014 (£7.99)
Experience more advanced multiplayer action with the 2nd content pack for Titanfall.

DLC Pack 3: Fall 2014 (£7.99)
Experience more advanced multiplayer action with the 3rd content pack for Titanfall.

Now we have here a classic case of the Cod’s from EA and Respawn benefiting from the Multiplayer set up that is Titanfall. Map Packs staggered over the year and released in 3 intervals you get exactly what you would expect.

So if you play Titanfall then why not?

But is telling you that these map packs will be available not cheating you out of what you think should be in the game to start with? One criticism Titanfall faces is the small amount of maps the game launched with, however we have yet to see the size of the downloads involved.

Ubisoft this week showcased their Season Pass content for Watch_Dogs, and we have added this below for you to view.

“Dive deeper into the world of Watch Dogs with the Watch_Dogs Season Pass.

  • Buy now and save 25% over individual pack prices and get all upcoming Watch Dogs content
  • All-new single player story where you play as T-Bone, a brilliant but eccentric hacker who lives by his own rules
  • New Digital Trip game mode, Conspiracy! Hunt down cyborgs in this mind bending alternate game universe.
  • Additional side missions, weapons, and outfits!


  • Pay homage to the classic Chicago mobster film Untouchables with an exclusive M1 SMG Weapon and 1920’s Mobster Outfit.

  • Play all DLC content before anyone else with 1 week early access”

However this might be the type of Season Pass gamers do not like. Additional DLC has already been managed by the development team for Pre-Orders and Special Editions.

Now gamers are going to be asked for an additional purchase price for staggered content.

Below we detail the additional content available throughout various retail outlets across Europe and North America and it is huge for this game………

Preorder Bonus: The Untouchables single player pack! DLC is Great for Gamers But Are Season Passes? |

Advertised by Game Retail as Exclusive is ‘The Untouchables’ bonus single-player pack. A nod to Chicago’s 1920s criminal world, The Untouchables pack includes a 1920s Chicago outfit and Tommy Gun weapon.

Remember this is in Addition to the extra content available in the editions already announced.

Game have a ‘Special Edition‘ this will also include Downloadable content as follows:

Breakthrough mission pack – A secret gathering is underway. The Chicago Club is negotiating power with Corporate CEOs. The Club has hired scramblers to block surveillance devices. Drive around the city to find the scramblers and take them out. Retrieve all names from the meeting and upload their images to the world.

Signature Shot: A biometrics weapon has been smuggled into Chicago for a captain of the Black Viceroys gang. The weapon only works for the first person who holds the gun. Breach a stronghold, steal the package and be the first to hold the weapon.
Rewards (Unlocked upon completion of the ULC mission)

  • Black Viceroys Gang Colours Outfit
  • Biometric Assault Rifle

WatchDogs PalacePack DLC is Great for Gamers But Are Season Passes? |

Palace pack: A police raid is planned on the luxury palace of an Internet mogul. His impressive databanks have intimate details on thousands of people…including Aiden Pearce. Break inside, wipe the hard drives and escape before the raid begins.
Rewards (Unlocked upon completion of the ULC mission)

Investigation Bonus: Unlock more investigative opportunities inside the network databanks

ATM Hack Boost: Boost your cash rewards when hacking bank accounts.

Vehicle Expert Perk: Get free vehicles from your Underground Car Contact and earn discounts on select cars.

But it doesn’t stop there!!!!! Nope Ubisoft have amassed what could be the biggest EVER amount of Pre-Order Bonus DLC.

 seasonpass_small DLC is Great for Gamers But Are Season Passes? |

So you can see why gamers get annoyed at Season Passes, the sheer volume of content that is shown above makes you wonder what the future content may be, we have seen in the past that pre order content can end up being added to season passes, as with console  ‘exclusive’ content as well.

The debate on this will continue to rubble on and hopefully we may even see a change to how this is handled by individual companies in the future.


Have no issue with saving money on season passes and don’t have to worry about remembering when content is released cause having a pass automatically finds them and makes me a ware of them .

Still in 2 minds about this due to the fact I paid for BF. Premium and not even played navel strike due to the flaws still in a game that came out last November !

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