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Games Nights are back

Game Nights Return to Xbox Players and we are back to 7 Nights of gaming each week, we see the return of some old favorites and some all new games. We have a new line up of Games Night Hosts and a lot of choice for games to join each week.   We also see the return of the Games Night Prize Draw, each night you attend a Games Night you will get one entry into the prize draw, we have 2 Prize Draws per year where we select one person at random and they win a Game Of Their Read more

Xbox Players Forum Moderator

Are you an avid poster on forums? Can you drive a conversation? Do you know when to speak up, and when to shut up and let the conversation flow? If this sounds like you then XBOX PLAYERS wants to talk to you about becoming one of our Forum Moderators. Our Moderators don’t just watch the forums and enforce the rules; they also start some of the conversations, and drive the discussion. If you are interested in becoming a Forum Moderator for XBOX PLAYERS or for more information. Contact Us Here By Completing this Form  

Reviewers wanted

So you’re thinking about writing game reviews? Most want to join us because like us they love playing games and would love the opportunity to voice their opinions and thought about the latest titles released, however many of the best writers are unsure of if they should give it a go or not, they are concerned about things like: How do I start a review? How long should I play the game? What should I talk about? How much time do I need to write your review? How many reviews do I have to do a week? What if people Read more

facebook group

We are pleased to announce our new facebook group. A place to talk all things Xbox and Gaming related. Join by visiting the group Xbox Players have other social media accounts why not follow / like or +1 us on the following links   facebook page –    Twitter –    Google+ –    


FIFA 15 LEAGUE PRIZES BY TURTLE BEACH We recently ran a FIFA 15 league with prizes from Turtle Beach, 1st Prize was a set of XO Seven Pro Gaming headphones and 2nd prize was a set of XO One’s 3rd prize was an assorment of Turlte Beach goodies. Read our reviews of each pair of head phones XO Seven review and XO One review   With 15 players in the league it was going to be a long one but one player was a clear front Runner  IBMatrix ( Formally Mythic T1 RED ) who won 18 games in a row Read more

A Norton Sponsored Video

PC’s and internet enabled devices in our current age are dogged with one issue, Security. How can we keep our devices protected and how do we stay safe when we are online? Or have we ever asked the bigger question? Who is responsible for and where does the malicious software that infects our machines originate from?   Director Steve Dunne has embarked to find out and shed new light on the hacker community by going deep into Romania to discover all he can about an infamous town dubbed as “hackerVille”. Romania is one of the strongest countries for internet infrastructure Read more

Frame Rate Vs Resolution

“Attention everyone, listen up! Today’s lesson is about frame rate and screen resolution.” Definition – What does Frames Per Second (FPS) mean? Frames per second (FPS) is a unit that measures display device performance. It consists of the number of complete scans of the display screen that occur each second. This is the number of times the image on the screen is refreshed each second, or the rate at which an imaging device produces unique sequential images called frames. Definition of – screen resolution The number of horizontal and vertical pixels on a display screen. The more pixels, the more information is Read more

Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller

OutsideXbox have given us a very detailed preview of the new Xbox One Elite Controller that was announced at E3. Xbox One Elite Controller Details : Microsoft revealed the new Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller at E3 2015. The Elite Controller is an upmarket pro controller with a $150 price tag to match, coming out in late 2015. The Xbox One Elite Controller arrives later in 2015 , along with its new stainless steel paddles, hair trigger locks, remappable buttons and swappable components, plus the ability to fully customize thumbstick sensitivity and min-max levels for the top triggers.

Weekly Games Nights

Xbox Players Games Weeks will be changing to Xbox Players Games Nights from April 5th 2015. Currently our Games Weeks run from Tuesday to Thursday each week where members meet to play a single game for the 3 nights from 9:00 to 11:00pm each of the nights. We have ran this format for quite some time and in the large it has been successful, after taking on board your feedback we are changing this format. From April 5th we will no longer be playing 1 game for 3 nights, we will change to playing 4 different games over 4 nights; this Read more

Battlefest hits Battlefield Hardline

Origin has announced another Battlefest 1 week after the release of Battlefield Hardline, and this time around it will include both Battlefield Hardline and Battlefield 4. The announcement of the latest Battlefest was announced yesterday on Battlelog and full details are included below for Battlefield Hardline and for Battlefield 4. Battlefest for Battlefield Hardline We are glad to lay this one on you: a new season of Battlefest – the celebration of our faithful Battlefield players – will hit Battlefield Hardline. Kicking off March 26th 2015, Battlefest will bring over a full month of Hardline in-game happenings, competitions, Double XP Read more

Fastest selling game of 2015

Battlefield Hardline gives EA there first chart topping game of 2015 and sees Hardline take the lead as the fastest selling game of 2015 The physical copies of Hardline sold were 46% sold on PS4 with 43% sold on Xbox One, 6% on Xbox 360 and 3% on PS3; however, we need to remember that this does not include downloaded copies of the game Battlefield Hardline sees the first collaboration between DICE, EA and Visceral Games giving Hardline the top chart spot which was narrowly missed by Battlefield 4 which was beaten into second place by Assassins Creed Black Flag, Read more

fifa 15 spurs

We have run FIFA Leagues for a while now and Season 2 of the FIFA 15 league registration is now open, however Xbox Players are pleased to say that this season of FIFA 15 is a Prize Event meaning by winning the league you will win a prize. We also have a prize for 2nd place and various other prizes for Top Scorer, Wooden Spoon, Goal of the Season and Howler of the Season. The Prizes have kindly been given to us by Turtle Beach   The prizes are 1st – XO Seven Pro Gaming Headset Read our Review HERE 2nd – XO One Read more

Battlefield Hardline Winner

Xbox Players advertised at the start of the year that we would be giving away Free Xbox One Games, and it’s time for us to give away our first Free Game of the year which gives us our Battlefield Hardline Winner. We listed everyone who attended any of our Games Nights so far this year and picked a winner at random, and the winner is daredevilrock.     A copy of Battlefield Hardline is on its way to our Battlefield Hardline Winner daredevilrock who will have it within the next couple of days, just for attending one or more of the Xbox Read more

xbox one system update

In observance of Safer Internet Day 2015, today the Merchant Risk Council’s Gamer Safety Alliance (GSA) kicked off the fourth annual Gamer Safety Week. The Gamer Safety Alliance – where I’m proud to serve on the Board of Directors – is a coalition of gaming companies that have come together to share best practices around online safety, fraud prevention and other emerging security issues that our gamers and their families may face. Gamer Safety Week is the perfect time to take a step back and review best practices around keeping your account and online presence secure. Here at Xbox, we Read more