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fm6-car-graphic-esrb-01 Forza 6

Forza Motorsport 6 GAME DETAILS: Developer: Turn 10 Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios Release date: 18/9/15 (EU) Type/genre: Racing Simulation Advised prices:£49.99 Standard Edition£65.99  Deluxe Edition£81.99  Ultimate EditionFor full Edition info select the tab below Size: 45.86gb No spoilers Included in this review App: NA Game supplied by: Xbox    

Gears of war ultimate edition (1)

Gears of War Ultimate Edition GAME DETAILS Developer: Coalition Publisher: Microsoft Studios Release date: 24/8/15 Type/genre: 3rd Person Shooter Advised price: £29.99 (standard edition) £44.99 (Deluxe Edition) Size: 44.42GB No spoilers Included in this review App: No Game supplied by: Microsoft   The landmark original Gears of War returns, stunningly remastered and modernized for Xbox One. Need I say more? The story of “Gears of War” thrusts gamers into a deep and harrowing battle for survival against the Locust Horde, a nightmarish race of creatures that surfaced from the bowels of the planet. Players live and breathe the role of Read more


So get this, I watched my children watching other children opening Kinder surprise eggs on Youtube, you read right, my children watching other children opening Kinder surprise eggs.  When I looked at  the views of this video they were in the region of 250 million views.  Scoffing at the thought of society moving into a realm where they would rather watch someone doing something than actually doing it themselves.  I walk into the other room where my Xbox One is waiting……’what new games are available’ I think, so tell the Xbox to go to the games market place.  Something catch’s Read more

E3 2014 Microsoft

Xbox One like a toddler your finding your feet after a shaky start. Its over 2 years since the catastrophic launch event for the Xbox One, even hardcore fans like myself were left with far more questions than answers and an overall feeling that Microsoft were planning on launching a Media centre rather than the next generation games console, we were all waiting for.   We saw that the console was only available bundled with Kinect, no Xbox 360  accessories were compatible (goodbye to my Turtle Beach XP500’s) and no backward compatibility. The terrible handling of the launch also meant Read more

Frame Rate Vs Resolution

“Attention everyone, listen up! Today’s lesson is about frame rate and screen resolution.” Definition – What does Frames Per Second (FPS) mean? Frames per second (FPS) is a unit that measures display device performance. It consists of the number of complete scans of the display screen that occur each second. This is the number of times the image on the screen is refreshed each second, or the rate at which an imaging device produces unique sequential images called frames. Definition of – screen resolution The number of horizontal and vertical pixels on a display screen. The more pixels, the more information is Read more

Battlefield Hardline Winner

Xbox Players advertised at the start of the year that we would be giving away Free Xbox One Games, and it’s time for us to give away our first Free Game of the year which gives us our Battlefield Hardline Winner. We listed everyone who attended any of our Games Nights so far this year and picked a winner at random, and the winner is daredevilrock.     A copy of Battlefield Hardline is on its way to our Battlefield Hardline Winner daredevilrock who will have it within the next couple of days, just for attending one or more of the Xbox Read more


As reported today on the online site, Microsoft are boosting the power of the whole brand package, by upgrading the Xbox One operating system to Windows 10. This will come as no surprise to the millions of consumers that have watched the Microsoft corporation develop their tablet and phone technology to encompass all things Xbox. The one thing that may surprise them is that you will then be able to stream your Xbox One games onto your device, weather this be on a tablet, mobile device, or PC should you have it connected to a TV output! About time too Read more

Turtle Beach 800x

100% Wireless Gaming Headsets for Xbox One In November 2014, Turtle Beach introduced the Stealth 500X, the first 100% wireless headset for the Xbox One. The Stealth 500X is also the first and only headset for the Xbox One with DTS Headphone:X 7.1 channel surround sound. These unique features helped make the Stealth 500X the best-selling headset SKU in the $200 price tier for the month of November in the U.S. when measured by both units and dollars, according to sales tracking data reported by The NPD Group, Inc. Turtle Beach is following up on that first-to-market success with a Read more

XBL & PSN Hacked

So hundreds of Adults and Children have been looking forward to Christmas and getting a brand new Xbox One or PS4 only to have their enjoyment wrecked by a bunch of hackers, as Xbox Live and Play Station Network  are taken down for several hours on Christmas Day.     Lizard Squad have made a claim on Twitter that they have taken down XBL & PSN, and there reason for doing this is ………… the Christmas spirit is dead. Their argument is Christmas is about spending time with your family.   Is it only me that finds it incredulous that Read more

Tropico 5 Waterborne Logo11

[mp_row] [mp_span col=”12″] [mp_row_inner] [mp_span_inner col=”12″] [mp_heading margin=”none,none,none,none”] Hoist The Main-brace and Rejoice As Tropico 5 Expands But Not Yet On Console [/mp_heading] [/mp_span_inner] [/mp_row_inner] [mp_row_inner] [mp_span_inner col=”12″] [mp_text margin=”none,none,none,none”] Explore the full potential of the ocean industry in Waterborne, the first major expansion for infamous city-builder/political sim Tropico 5. The future of Tropico lies on its shores – and now renowned leader El Presidente wants to spread his reign out into the sea and take advantage of lucrative new industrial opportunities by constructing waterborne structures across the coast. The Waterborne expansion features water based game mechanics for the first time Read more

[mp_row] [mp_span col="12"] [mp_row_inner] [mp_span_inner col="6"] [mp_image id="22607" size="full" link_type="custom_url" target="false" align="center"] [/mp_span_inner] [mp_span_inner col="6"] [mp_text] Xbox Live has been up and down today with Lizard Squad claiming responsibility via  Twitter . Some users have been having issues connecting due to a DDOS attack on the Microsoft's Live servers, They have also took responsibility for recent attacks on Sony's PSN and even a Bomb Hoax on a plane carrying Sony's CEO. [/mp_text] [/mp_span_inner] [/mp_row_inner] [mp_row_inner] [mp_span_inner col="12"] [mp_text] So what does this mean for the rest of the holiday period ? Lizard Squad have put up on their twitter feed today Read more
horizon 2 cars9

Eight Free Downloadable Cars Coming to Forza Horizon 2 at Launch Plus Bonus DLC Car Pack bringing 2015 Mustang GT and more to game Forza Horizon 2 is just weeks away and soon Forza fans the world over will be exploring the high-speed highways and breakneck back roads of southern Europe.Forza Horizon 2 will ship with more than 200 cars all built from the ground up on Xbox One, and as is the case with all Forza games, we will be constantly updating Forza Horizon 2 with new content. Beginning on 3rd October to coincide with the release of Forza Horizon 2, we’ll be launching a brand new pack for the game: the Forza Read more

party chat xbox one

UPDATE: As of 30th September 2015 Microsoft have increased the party size to 12 Adding to our earlier guides on Kinect voice commands and Setting up your Xbox One here is the guide for getting all your friends into a Xbox One party. The great news is you can have up to 32 people in one party.   How to start a party on Xbox One Parties allow you to group up and chat with your friends through your Xbox One console and play online games together. You can do this with a single pal or up to 32 friends. Read more


Get ready for the next battle as Namco Bandai Games Europe SAS  officially acknowledges the development of the next chapter in the popular  Tekken fighting game franchise. Over the weekend at this year’ Evolution Championship Series (EVO) fighting game tournament held in the Westgate Las Vegas Hotel & Resort, Bandai Namco announced Tekken 7, the latest instalment of the venerable franchise, powered by the award-winning Unreal Engine 4. “The power and flexibility means that we can focus our efforts on making Tekken 7 the best possible game without worrying about spending time creating a stand-alone graphic engine,” said Katsuhiro Harada,  Tekken series Read more

ffxv characters

Final Fantasy XV has been in development as far back as its first look which was revealed at E3 2006, and with Square Enix being tight lipped with details of the game there is plenty of speculation when the next bit of news will be revealed. With trailers shown of at last years E3 2013 expo some of the characters have been revealed but not all have, even though they have appeared in various trailers little is known about certain characters at this point, but what can be confirmed is that these characters will take on a central role within Read more

Metro Redux1

Deep Silver today confirms that Metro Redux will hit stores on the 26th August in the US, and the 29th August in Europe. The boxed copy of Metro Redux contains remastered versions of both Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light, with all previously released add-on content. Both campaigns can be tackled in ‘Spartan’ or ‘Survival’ play styles, and the legendary Ranger Mode is also included in both games. Metro 2033 Redux and Metro: Last Light Redux are also available separately as digital download only. For more information please check out  With new, never-seen-before content and new gameplay features, as well as outstanding updated graphical Read more


A New* Xbox One, Without Kinect, £315 At CEX Trade in a Kinect for £5.CEX have three listings for a new* Xbox One, without Kinect starting at £315. They must have staff removing the sensor from the standard package. The three versions listed are:Xbox One 500GB (No Kinect), Discounted £315Xbox One 500GB (No Kinect), Unboxed £325Xbox One 500GB (No Kinect), Boxed £340 It is not clear what the actual difference between the ‘discounted’ and ‘unboxed’ versions are. Presumably they are both unboxed.   The official Kinectless Xbox is not being released until the 9th June and that will have a RRP of £349. Read more


In the past Madden NFL has led the way in selecting its game covers for its releases. But EA Sports have recently stumbled upon another top attraction to their growing list of successes. Cover Voting takes advantage of Social Media and engages fans of the sports that are hugely popular, however does it really matter to you as an individual. It seems to be a phase that started with humble beginnings, with EA paying stars of each of the major sports they promoted over the years; TIGER WOODS GOLF MADDEN NFL NHL NBA FIFA Titles such as these have for years Read more


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