Are Employed Gamers more Skillful than Unemployed Gamers

Are Employed Gamers more Skillful than Unemployed Gamers

map Are Employed Gamers more Skillful than Unemployed Gamers |Unemployment in the UK is falling according to some quarters and we can only take these figures at face value.

It seems that the worst affected Area in the UK is Birmingham according to the Office for National Statistics. However this does not add up the total amounts per City. No!

These are broken down by constituencies in the political world we live in. Greenwich for example has a 4.1% unemployment per head of population alone.


The word that scares hard working people and brings to mind horrific time spent in Dole queues.

But for some, it’s all they have known, waking up on a day to day basis hoping that they can get through another day and find a job.

So what has this got to do with Gaming?

Well recently I was unemployed for 3 months. I followed the procedures that were alien to me, and applied to become unemployed! Yip for those of you who do not know it, YOU NEED TO APPLY ONLINE to the department of social security and await a reply to invite you for an Interview to see if you can get help and jobseekers allowance.

Amazing given the fact they use words like APPLY, INTERVIEW, words that are usually associated with a Job really.

Getting over this was actually quite easy and with a little effort you are in the system just like that.

Getting a job was not so easy and during that time the brain drain from visiting websites designed to make things easier was just as bad. So what to do?

Well as a gamer I turned to my Xbox 360 after around 4 hours of searching per day.

This was great right? Take your mind off it Right?

Well it helped take my mind off of searching for a job at least and in the meantime my Gamerscore was improving as I tried out some of those games that are always at arm’s reach, you know the ones right?

The ones that are below FIFA and Call of Duty or Battlefield, the ones that only have a little bit of Gamerscore and are not worthy of trading in!

unemployed-casual-gamer Are Employed Gamers more Skillful than Unemployed Gamers |

But after a little while you start eating into time you are meant to be spending Job Hunting or at least I am admitting to this I think! It’s a natural thing to happen surely?

The monotony of job searching online and receiving those stupid Dear John emails that some faceless HR type deems unworthy.

Time goes on and for me it lead to really getting into FIFA Ultimate team, finding out that you can get loads of coins for FIFA without having to spend real money that millions of others do, and realising that they only do this because THEY do not have the time to play the amount of games required to build an exciting team. So at this point i realised that there is a difference in the type of Gamers we are. Employed Gamers and Unemployed Gamers.

For those who reckon that Gaming Is their life and I consider being one of them, I will now admit that I became embroiled in a daily fight between enjoying being unemployed and wanting to be EMPLOYED again.

Thankfully the working person in me won, and I am starting out in a new career altogether, but what of those unemployed colleagues out there who still spend their day fighting the good fight between the Unemployed gamer and the Employed gamers? But which makes me a better gamer?

Being unemployed sure does give you lots of playing time, of course this should be moderated however we all have that craving for “one last game before you need to ………”

Being employed however is the catalyst for the amount of access to games you can afford, but this does limit the amount of time you can spend on gaming.

Well the truth is only you know which type of Gamer you are or want to be.

The Unemployed gamer will live their lives out in an easy going and unpredictable fashion, but they will have buying characteristics similar to the Employed Gamer.

Are Employed Gamers more Skilful than Unemployed Gamers Are Employed Gamers more Skillful than Unemployed Gamers |

The Unemployed gamers will make sure they have the latest equipment at the earliest opportunity.

Whereas the Employed Gamer will make sure they put enough by each month to get the same. Both sets of gamers will buy the games they are into such as FIFA or Call of Duty or Battlefield, but that is where the comparison ends, because of monetary constraints the Unemployed gamers will then look at the trade value as a way of getting more games whereas he Employed gamer can buy additional games in their desired genre.

The Unemployed gamers will also wait until the right price comes along if the trade does not allow them to obtain the desired game.

But the Unemployed gamers has more time to get the most out of their games and really explore such games as GTA, Assassins Creed, and ultimately even branch out into non AAA titles.

Thus creating a situation where the unemployed gamers have an unequal edge over the Employed Gamers. Granted this did not happen to me as I am awful at FIFA games and always have been BUT I have an Ultimate Team in Division 3 Online and Offline!

This is able to happen due to the sheer volume of matches that I was able to play during the 3 months I was out of work.

Call of Duty, Battlefield, and FIFA are all games where you can take advantage of the time you have off because they are all games in which your opposition is cascaded from an unreliable matchmaking system. By spending time on Ranked matches on either game your chances of Improving your rank goes up again by sheer volume of games and not by Skill Level, (the whole point of the ranking systems in these games).

By being an Employed gamer your advantage will be surely be based on your level of ability and not by continually earning ranking points for time spent in game.

But does this actually happen? Does the Unemployed gamers get into the habit of not looking for work as hard as they should? Or do they purely get fed up of rejection and turn to the one thing that cheers them up?

I don’t have the answers, however i would love to hear your opinions on this and welcome a debate in the reply section of this post.

BEFORE you finish reading this I would also like you to see some statistics from my time unemployed:

fifa 14 xbox 360 cover Are Employed Gamers more Skillful than Unemployed Gamers |FIFA 14 Gamerscore: 710

FIFA 13 Gamerscore: 650

FIFA 12 Gamerscore: 255

But this does not prove im better at FIFA 13/14 than 12 it just proves I have played more of these two than the other. When i was working i had an acceptable level of gameplay but not great.

In comparison my rank within Call of Duty whilst Employed was Full Prestige level so i can say that being unemployed definitely has not added to the level of performance.

I did spend more than enough time on games and the average time spent on FIFA 13 then FIFA 14 per day was encroaching on 4 hours. In addition i could spend another 2 hours browsing for players, but when i was working i had very little time for browsing the Ultimate team transfer market or playing 4 hours solely on FIFA never mind having additional time on Call of Duty.

All in all i must admit that i have improved my general gameplay on FIFA during the period of being unemployed, but not to a level that i could confidently play on World Class level against the computer.

We would love to hear constructive opinions from you but please remember this is based on a personal experience that really did hit home the challenges that one person went through to fight against my own inner self  and conscience.

My personal feeling is that if you are naturally good at games then i doesn’t actually affect the level of performance if you are  Unemployed Gamers or Employed Gamers



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