Angry Birds Star Wars Review Xbox One

Angry Birds Star Wars Review Xbox One

GAME: Angry Birds Star Wars on Xbox One

Developer: Activision / Rovio

Release date: 22/11/13

Type/genre: Puzzle Strategy

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    The game combines elements of both Angry Birds and Angry Birds Space, featuring levels that take place on both standard terrain and in outer space. The game begins on Tatooine, Luke Skywalker’s home planet, moves to the Death Star, travels to Hoth, and with an in-app purchase (or earning 3-stars on Tatooine/Death Star) goes to Dagobah, and ends up in Cloud City. With the exclusion of Blue Bird, all the Birds are given new powers not yet seen before in a canon Angry Birds title, some of these that are upgraded as the game progresses further. You can play previously completed levels with the upgraded abilities.

    Differences from other games is that Birds may still perform their chosen abilities moments after colliding with an object. The Millennium Falcon is used instead of the “Mighty Eagle” found in previous games. When a certain number of stars are earned, the player gets a reward. It can be either 5 Millennium Falcons (an item that may be used during normal levels to try to earn badges) or access to a Golden Droid level. There are additional bonus levels if you manage to hit golden droids in selected levels.


    Control feel:  9 / 10

    Kinect –

    Using the new power and advanced tracking of the Xbox One’s kinect Angry Birds Star Wars plays much better than expected, simply grab the bird pull it back and release. How couldn’t that be fun? Your right it is fun, however many have limited space to use kinect and may not be able to get it to work correctly as intended. On the other hand if like myself you do have that extra meter of space you should really enjoy grabbing those birds tails and flinging them across the screen into what seems like endless numbers of piggies.

    After a while you do really get used to the angles and movement required but when you have special moves and need to point your blaster in a specific direction that’s where the skill really comes in.

    Controller –

    This is actually just as easy as on the mobile, using the analogue sticks for extreme accuracy you’ll be knocking off those piggies in no time. A quick press of A and they are away. Really enjoyable and simple to pick up and play even the kids could enjoy it (well on the early levels).

    Angry Birds Screenshots5 Angry Birds Star Wars Review Xbox One |

    Graphics:  7 / 10

    Colourful fake birds, what more do you want me to say, honestly they are as good as on the mobile but obviously blown up so they look awesome on 40″+ screens. Backgrounds are exactly the same as on the mobile as well, its a shame with all the extra power there was not a little more thought into the backgrounds and to make them somewhat more entertaining. The thing is with cartoon graphics is that it does not matter what console or platform you play it on the vibrant colours always stand out and are a joy to look at.
    Unfortunately the destruction and effects are also the same in Angry Birds, whilst it might be no great surprise it is as previously mentioned, disappointing.


    Sound:  3 / 10

    Why on the mobile does the sound not bother me? Yet on the console it had me pulling my hair out after half hour. Perhaps its just playing the game through again but I was really annoyed by it. Don’t get me wrong it sounds good but the recurring sounds of the blasters and the snippets of Star Wars soundtrack don’t get involved or varied enough to immerse you in the game. I turned Xbox Music on so fast and made a whole new playlist to give the game more edge.


    Angry Birds Screenshots2 Angry Birds Star Wars Review Xbox One |

    Gameplay:  5 / 10

    If you have played the mobile version you should know the majority of the campaign (single player) is the same as on the mobile. There are new level included to give it some spice but really its the same.

    The area where it begins to stand out is the Challenges and the co-op multiplayer. I found it really good to be able to play with the family in 1 co-operative game or directly against them. This was fun as we had to work together to meet the objective but at the same time our scores were being totted up alongside us. A good healthy competition you might say.

    The challenge mode though is were the game gets its longer term playability. Weekly challenges that are really tough not just to complete but to get a high score in give Angry Birds that something extra on the Xbox One compared to the mobile platforms.

    Unfortunately I have noticed no new characters or special moves in the game and so although the new levels are great, kinect make is interesting to say the least and challenges are fun there is just not enough to Angry Birds Star wars in terms of long term playability


    Angry Birds fans don’t expect a disturbance in force with this release. Although it plays nice, kinect compatibility works well the lack of new levels does make me feel like I just payed £40 for something I can get on my mobile for free.


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