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In an attempt to get closer to the staff and game night hosts of Xbox Players I went away and spent some time with them. below are my findings, that I will share with you the community in the hope that the staff of the site will no longer be just names and become more like us mere mortals.

Name: Paul Babbage

Site Role: General Manager (Co-Founder)

Gamertag:  UK Chief

Age: 31

My Findings:

Paul works within the world of design and is the person who ensures that everything on the website works and ensures when you sign up you can get access and join in the fun.  While I spent time with Paul I noticed that he is fluent in binary and expects things done before he has relayed the information to others via coherent sentences, now this combined with his unnatural obsession with savoury snacks of the potato variety, lead me to only 1 conclusion that he is in-fact a cyborg sent from the future to (censored) He is a nice man with a lovely family and kept me in square crisps and cups of tea.

Name: Peter Kelly

Site Role:  Social Manager ( Co-Founder)

Gamertag: Kingpedrok69

Age:41 – YEA RIGHT

My Findings:

Mr pedrok as he is known, lives very close to Glasgow airport and is solely responsible for inventing the paisley pattern and the glue on post-it notes.  After attempting to adhere a person to a teflon coated wall in a bid to demonstrate his newest invention Post-him notes, he was promptly want into hiding due to uproar at the fact his glue was made of the muts nuts.

When not carrying out site duties Pete can normally be found on Call of Duty owning and swearing in various colourful ways.  Pete is a can do guy who works within the games industry again I can only assume that he has invented some sort of new and fantastical device to enhance the gaming experience.  His his main duties revolve around social manager he looks after everything Twitter, Facebook.  He the man behind the facebook page and twitter feed.

Name:  Jon Scoular

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Site Role:  Forum Manager

Gamertag:  Merlin 3180

Age: 55 He claims ( I don’t believe him though as he doesn’t look that old and even if I thought he did I wouldn’t say so in-case he turned up and “cleaned” me)

My Findings:

Jon’s current cover…sorry job is as a call centre trainer, basically he trains people (so he claims) in the Zen art of Tele-sales…….. But and this is a big but……. Jon says he is retired….. (But I just don’t buy it)….. He used to be a sniper!!!! yes that’s right he is a genuine 100% military trained killing machine, when I met him it was like meeting the predator, he can almost bend light ……. If he hadn’t have spoken I wouldn’t have seen him……after Jon water-boarded me for solidly 6 hrs, to ensure my complete trustworthiness he went on to tell me that he enjoys taunting the enemy with rock tunes that he plays to them on his guitar of death. Jon is the guy on the site that baby sits the game night hosts and makes sure Cpt Cha05 takes his pills…… I worry that by letting you guys know all this I am endangering myself….. Did you just hear that rustling ?????

Name:Robin Cope

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Site Role: Technical Manager

Gamertag: Dodge MFGZ


My Findings:

Dodge works within the IT industry and is almost omnipotent in his ability to be everywhere all the time.  I am pretty sure although have no firm no evidence to confirm this that he thinks solely in binary and can directly interface with computers and other electrical devices. He is most often found beavering away making sure that the site works.  Although I have no evidence (other than a strange tingling sensation) I believe that robin has the ability to become a single electron.   Robin intends on owning a Ferrari speed boat and Ferrari car, judging by his abilities will probably single handedly design and build one that can do both in some sort of A-Team/ Magiver way.

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